Article processing fees fund all standard services for authors.  More information about standard and optional services for authors is available here

During the submission process the corresponding author is asked to confirm his or her awareness of the applicable APF: if confirmation is not received the submission process cannot be completed.  After acceptance for publication authors are charged the article processing fee (APF) quoted during paper submission.  There are no additional compulsory fees based on word count, use of color figures, or other factors, and no fees charged upon submission. 

Because decisions to accept papers for publication result in an APF payment we maintain a rigid division between editorial decisions, made by an editorial decision-maker (the editor in chief, deputy editor in chief, or an associate editor), and business decisions made by the publisher.  Under no circumstances does the publisher make editorial decisions and editorial decision makers receive no incentives from the publisher to accept papers for publication.  Publication of poor quality papers can significantly harm a journal's reputation and compromise its ability to attract papers: it is never in the interests of editorial decision-makers or the publisher to compromise editorial standards.

In many cases APFs may be funded by funding agencies.  APF payment may be made by credit card, institutional check or telegraphic transfer.  Invoices contain further information on how to pay by these methods.  Invoices contain a secure Visa or Mastercard payment gateway URL: do not send credit card details by any other method.  Your funding agency may require use of CC-BY license.  Inform your Libertas contact if this is required.

Discounts for authors working in developing countries: Where available these are offered automatically upon submission.  Authors must confirm acceptance before further processing.

Full waivers: To request a fee waiver an application must be completed.  Waivers strictly are not available after manuscript submission.  Authors must receive an email confirming application acceptance before manuscript submission.  

Former author discounts: Authors who have published a paper in the past 12 months and paid an undiscounted fee may receive a 20% discount on the full fee of their next paper.  Authors must complete an application and receive an email confirming application acceptance before manuscript submission.

Supplement author discounts: Authors of papers solicited by guest editors for supplements are automatically assigned a fee discount.  Further information is given in the guidance document supplied to all contributing authors.  To avoid the possibility of confusion authors are notified of the discounted APF prior their agreement being obtained to contribute a paper and will be reminded of it prior to the submission deadline.  A limited quantity of fee waivers are available for assignment by each supplement's guest editors at their sole discretion.  More information is available here.

Former peer reviewers discounts: This includes editorial board members, volunteer peer reviewers, and reviewers drawn from Pubmed.  Reviewers who have completed a review in the previous three months are eligible for a 20% discount on the standard APF for their next submission.  Authors must complete an application and receive an email confirming application acceptance before manuscript submission.  Directions on how to apply are given by email after a review is uploaded.

Volume discounts: Contact us if you plan to submit a large volume of papers over a defined period.  Discounts are only available to authors in education and not-for-profit institutions.  We also welcome inquires about our institutional memberships.

Letters to the Editor: A fee waiver or discount may apply in accordance with the guidelines given for the letter to the editor manuscript type here.

Terms and conditions for discounts and waivers

  • Discounts and waivers must be applied for prior to manuscript submission except for developing country discounts, which are offered upon submission.  Discounts and waivers are not given following manuscript submission.

  • All applications are subject to approval by the publisher and are subject to availability.  Waivers are given at the sole discretion of the publisher.

  • Discounts or waivers may not be transferred to a different author, submission, or journal.

  • Discounts may not be combined and where multiple discounts are available the one most favorable to the author will apply.

  • Assignment of a waiver does not guarantee peer review, acceptance for publication, or publication in any Libertas journal. 

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What Your Colleagues Say About Libertas Academica
Contributing an invited review was a pleasant experience with Libertas. We are grateful for such a solid platform and their belief in young talented scientists and their research. Overall, it was a wonderful and simplified process from submission to publication of the article with regular updates at each step from various staff members. Each person was extremely efficient and very professional during manuscript processing.
Dr Hameeda Sultana (Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA, USA)
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