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Reproduced below and the terms and conditions authors are required to confirm their knowledge of and compliance with during manuscript submission.  Terms and conditions change occasionally.  After an author indicates their knowledge and compliance the current terms are permanently recorded against their submission.

Authors are responsible for ensuring that they fully understand and comply with the terms and conditions.  Failure to read or understand them cannot excuse non-compliance.

Where an author is unable to comply with any provision the publisher should be informed immediately. 

1. Understandings:

a. All authors (both the corresponding author and any co-authors) are in full compliance with ethical and legal requirements outlined in these submission terms and conditions and here.

b. All works submitted to Libertas Academica are subject to peer and editorial review.

c. Libertas Academica reserves the right to decline to commence or to continue processing your work at any time at its sole discretion.

d. Unless the manuscript is published in a Clinical Medicine Reviews subscription journal then copyright in your Work rests with the author(s).  Published articles appearing in a Clinical Medicine Reviews journal is retained by the publisher with the exception of some open access papers published under the former Clinical Medicine Reviews open access option.

e. Libertas Academica is not responsible for returning the original disk, hardcopy, and any photographs or illustrations.

f. Fee reimbursements or refunds in full or part are given at the sole discretion of the publisher.

g. Libertas Academica is legally obliged to ensure that journals do not publish libelous or defamatory material.  Where manuscripts appear to contain this journal editors together with the authors and the publisher if necessary will work together to ensure an appropriate resolution is found.

h. The authors agree to fully indemnify Libertas Academica against any liability whatsoever in connection to their actions, inactions, errors or omissions.  The authors waive all rights to take legal action against Libertas Academica.

i. Where the corresponding author has consented to these terms and conditions the co-authors, if any, agree without reservation to the corresponding author consenting upon their behalf.

2. Fees, Discounts and Waivers:

a. Manuscripts submitted to open access journals

Manuscripts submitted to open access journals (all journals except the Clinical Medicine Reviews series) will be subject to the article processing fee stated on the applicable journal's 'About' webpage at the time that the manuscript was submitted for peer review.  In some cases a discount may have been offered immediately following submission.  All other discounts are only available when applied for prior to manuscript submission. 

b. Commissioned manuscripts

A submitted manuscript will be considered to fit within this category where an author has been approached by the publisher and invited to write a paper on a specified topic and an explicit statement has been made in the invitation that no fee will be charged if the paper is accepted for publication.

c. Supplement manuscripts

A submitted manuscript will be considered to fit within the category where an author has been approached by a guest editor responsible for a supplement and invited to contribute a paper.  A discounted fee will be charged unless the author and guest editor have explicitly agreed that a waiver will apply.  In either case the author will have been asked to confirm their understanding and consent to this by the publisher prior to submission.

d. Clinical Medicine Reviews manuscripts

All manuscripts submitted to a Clinical Medicine Reviews journal will not be subject to any article processing fee and copyright in their published paper will be retained by the publisher.  Authors will be asked to provide signed confirmation of their consent to this.

e. Optional fees

Fees for optional servies provided by the publisher are not subject to discounts or waivers.

3. Author Responsibilities:

a. The Work is in compliance with the author guidelines and any applicable journal-specific guidelines

b. Your co-authors (if any) have authorised you to submit the Work

c. The Work is not under consideration for publication in another journal nor has it been published in another journal

d. You have clearance to reproduce any copyrighted material

e. Nothing in the Work is unlawful, misrepresentative, libellous, plagurous or would constitute a breach of contract or confidence or commitment to secrecy

f. You have taken due care to ensure integrity of the submission and according to currently accepted scientific knowledge all statements in it purporting to be facts are true

g. You have clearance to reproduce all copyrighted material appearing in this manuscript, and you absolve Libertas Academica from all liability arising from any failure to get clearance or oversights in having done so by you and your co-authors if any

h. You agree that by submitting my manuscript to Libertas Academica you have consented to receive email from Libertas Academica

i. Papers are published and may be removed at the discretion of the Editor in Chief

j. Individuals or organisations who have made substantial contributions to the manuscript (eg, data collection, analysis, writing or editing assistance) must be named with their specific contributions in an Acknowledgment section.

4. Ethical and Legal Requirements:

Current ethical and legal requirements are given here:  These are revised to reflect current recommendations from ethical bodies such as the Committee on Publication Ethics.  All authors will be asked to provide signed confirmation of their compliance with these criteria prior to publication, and where appropriate the publisher will request documentary evidence.

5. Retractions, Expressions of Concern and Corrections:

The Editor in Chief may choose to publish a retraction, expression of concern or correction.  Generally the guidelines provided by COPE will be applied to determine under what circumstances this is done, although the guidelines may be modified to fit the circumstances.  The authors agree to waive any legal liability against the publisher and Editor in Chief should a retraction, expression of concern or correction be issued.

The following are examples of circumstances in which a retraction, expression of concern or correction may be used: research findings are unreliable owing to misconduct or honest error, findings have previously been published elsewhere without cross-referencing, permission or justification, plagiarism, unethical research.

6. Authorship, Contributorship and Conflict of Interest:

Current requirements are given here:

7. Dispute Resolution:

Where a dispute arises the parties will first attempt to resolve it amongst themselves.

Any dispute arising out of or relating to this contract may be referred to mediation, a nonbinding dispute resolution process in which an independent mediator facilitates negotiation between the parties.

Mediation may be initiated by either party writing to the other party and identifying the dispute that is being suggested for mediation. The other party will either agree to proceed with mediation or agree to attend a preliminary meeting with the mediator to discuss whether mediation would be helpful in the circumstances.

The parties will agree on a suitable person to act as mediator or will ask the Arbitrators' and Mediators' Institute of New Zealand to appoint a mediator. The mediation will be in accordance with the Mediation Protocol of the Arbitrators' and Mediators' Institute of New Zealand.  Any dispute arising out of or relating to this contract, which is not resolved by mediation, shall be finally decided by arbitration. The arbitration shall be by one arbitrator to be agreed by the parties and failing such agreement to be nominated by the President of the Arbitrators' and Mediators' Institute of New Zealand.

8. Operative Law:

In all matters the laws of New Zealand shall be operative and any legal disputes shall be settled under the laws of New Zealand.

9. Indemnification:

You agree to absolve Libertas Academica, the Editor in Chief and editorial board of any legal liability whatsoever with respect to any and all statements made in your paper, your actions, errors and omissions and the actions, errors and omissions of co- authors and any other contributors to the paper without any limitations.

10. Remedies for Breach:

Where you are found to have been in breach of any of these terms and conditions the Publisher may remove your paper from its website and from third party websites such as Pubmed at its sole discretion or in consultation with the Editor in Chief, or publish an expression of concern or retraction.

The Publisher may also take any such action as it deems appropriate in its sole discretion to remedy breach of these terms and conditions.  In this case you and your co-authors waiver any legal rights against Libertas Academica Ltd, the Editor in Chief and editorial board.

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