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This information is intended for authors of papers that have been recently published in Libertas journals.

If your published article reports on research funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) under the Public Access Policy you must upload a copy of your published article along with associated files to Pubmed Central.

If your article is published in a journal that is currently in Pubmed your paper will be uploaded on your behalf by Libertas.  This generally takes approximately 7 to 14 working days.  You will be notified when this has been completed and your paper is publically available there.

If your article is published in a journal that is not currently indexed by Pubmed then your paper must be uploaded through the NIH Manuscript Submission System (NIHMS). 

If you're unsure go to the journal homepage and find the list of indexes and databases the journal appears in.  If the journal is in Pubmed, it will be the first index/database in the list.

You must upload it using the NIHMS.  To do this you must have a completed published version of your article (don't use an author proof copy) and details of the relevant Principal Investigator.  Do not set an embargo period when entering your details.

We can perform the initial upload of files on your behalf provided we have all the required information.  However most of the NIHMS process requires author input so our ability to influence the process following the initial upload is severely limited.  Because our involvement adds relatively little benefit to authors we will only perform the initial upload where we are asked to do so by the author.  If you'd like us to upload your article on your behalf please complete this form.

Delays are not uncommon with the NIHMS and our ability to influence these is often limited.  If you encounter a delay without a clear reason we recommend contacting nihms-helpdesk @ to determine the cause of the delay.  In your email be sure to quote the NIHMS reference number (a six-digit number) and the manuscript title.  If the delay is caused by a specific issue relating to the journal we may be able to assist and in these cases please contact us immediately.

If the journal isn't in Pubmed then it's likely that we're either preparing it for evaluation by the NIH Literature Selection Committee or it's already under evaluation.  However, you shouldn't wait for this evaluation to be completed instead of uploading your article because the evaluation can be a time-consuming process.

Before you send your request please verify that the journal the article has been published in is not already in Pubmed.  

The corresponding author's name and email address will be set as the contact individual in the NIHMS. 

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My experience with LA was great.  Submission was easy and smooth.  Reviews were speedy - I got three reviewers' comments back within 2 weeks!  I also received email notifications of the progress updates on my submission.  The process of addressing reviewers' comments was streamlined and easy for the authors.
Dr Jun Wu (University of California, Irvine, CA, USA)
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