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Testimonials are kindly provided by authors and peer reviewers who have previously worked with Libertas and are reproduced here with their consent.

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"Working with Libertas Academica was the smoothest publication experience I have had.  The coordinators at Healthy Aging & Clinical Care in the Elderly were consistently available to answer questions and helped my paper progress through the publication stages in a very timely manner.  The reviewers provided excellent suggestions that greatly increased the quality of the paper as well.  This was a fantastic group of individuals with which to work."  (Dr Rachel Messer, Oklahoma State University)


"I was delighted with the speed and efficiency with which my paper was processed. The friendly and personal communications with editorial staff also made the experience extremely pleasant and easy. I should be happy to recommend International Journal of Tryptophan Research to anyone."  (Professor Trevor Stone, University of Glasgow)

I highly recommend publication in Libertas Academia journals. The entire submission, review and publication process for our article in Clinical Medicine Insights: Dermatology was easy and quick.  The reviews were very professional and helpful and the publication fees were reasonable.  We also appreciate that our article is available online free of charge to anyone interested in it.

- Dr Lisa Roche
(New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, Trenton, NJ, USA )

Our experience publishing in Clinical Medicine Insights: Oncology was the easiest and most user-friendly interface we have encountered.  The staff were very attentive to us and kept us posted at every step of the process.  It was rewarding to have our article appear in press within weeks, compared to months at other journals.

- Dr Darrell Ellsworth
(Windber Research Institute, Windber, PA, USA)

Publishing in the International Journal of Tryptophan Research was a smooth and efficient process. I was kept extremely well informed of the progress of my publication and the review process was thorough, positive and formative. I look forward to repeating the experience in the near future.

- Dr Simon P. Jones
(St Vincent’s Center for Applied Medical Research, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia)


Every step of publishing with Clinical Medicine Insights: Therapeutics was a smooth and positive experience.  What impressed me the most was the proficiency and rigor of the reviewers, whose feedback greatly enriched the final article.  I definitely enjoyed the process.

- Dr Viviana Ritacco
(Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas and Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Infecciosas ANLIS “Carlos G. Malbrán”, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

The experience working with Libertas Academia was a pleasure. They were encouraging and supportive throughout the process and made each task very user friendly. The staff were helpful and eased the production of the manuscript to final publication.  They were great to work with.

- Dr David Haas
(Indiana University)

Biomarkers in Cancer was prompt, focused and straight forward during the process. Guidance was available throughout the process. This has been one of the most enjoyable experiences in dealing with the staff of a journal publishing good quality science. It's amazing that one day you submit corrections and the next day you receive corrected proofs. And the process continues until you are completely satisfied. Amazing. The peer review process matched the standard of any international science journal. The reviewers' comments helped to improve the quality of the manuscript.

- Dr Faiz Nasim
(Professor of Biochemistry, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan)

It is an honor to publish in Libertas Academia journals, I strongly recommend researchers to submit their articles.  The entire submission, review and publication process for our article in Retrovirology: Research and Treatment was clear and easy.  The staff explained everything and helped me whenever I asked, they were supportive and very polite.  Comments from reviewers were professional and very helpful in improving the quality of the manuscript. Publication fees were reasonable and fair.  As an open access journal, I appreciate the availability of articles online to help build research agendas through free access to valuable articles.

- Dr Mqondisi Tshabalala
(University of Zimbabwe, Avondale Harare, Zimbabwe)


I would like to express my gratitude and say that publishing in LA's journals is one of the best experiences I have had.  I will certainly continue with LA's journals in the future.  The unique feature of this publisher is that it provides a research platform for all young researchers.  Thank you for providing a sustainable publishing environment for us.

- Dr Syed Wasif Gillani
(Lecturer and Researcher, Discipline of Clinical Pharmacy, USM, Malaysia)

We were invited to write a review article for Virology: Research and Treatment.  The review process was very quick and smooth and our interactions with Libertas Academica staff was clear, efficient and very personable.  I highly recommend publishing with this group.

- Dr Ana Gervassi
(Seattle Biomedical Research Institute and the University of Washington Department of Medicine, Seattle, WA, USA)

I find Ophthalmology and Eye Diseases very author-friendly. As a first time author publishing in this journal I experienced close attention to authors, prompt and close co-operation in all phases of production of my manuscript encouraging. Your excellent staff simplified a daunting process that often makes authors just give up on publication due to unwarranted and irrational complexities, with close guidance to produce high quality work.

- Dr Michael Okosa
(Consultant Ophthalmologist and Head, Department of Ophthalmology, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital and Head Guinness Eye Centre, Onitsha, Nigeria)
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  • Fair & Independent Expert Peer Review
  • High Visibility & Extensive Database Coverage
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What Your Colleagues Say About Libertas Academica
I would like to say that this is the most author-friendly editing process I have experienced. The publishing process of this journal was a most pleasant and productive experience, and it was fast and convenient to me.
Dr Zhiming Zhang (Sichuan Agricultural University, Sichuan, P.R. China)
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