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Testimonials are kindly provided by authors and peer reviewers who have previously worked with Libertas and are reproduced here with their consent.

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"Working with Libertas Academica was the smoothest publication experience I have had.  The coordinators at Healthy Aging & Clinical Care in the Elderly were consistently available to answer questions and helped my paper progress through the publication stages in a very timely manner.  The reviewers provided excellent suggestions that greatly increased the quality of the paper as well.  This was a fantastic group of individuals with which to work."  (Dr Rachel Messer, Oklahoma State University)


"I was delighted with the speed and efficiency with which my paper was processed. The friendly and personal communications with editorial staff also made the experience extremely pleasant and easy. I should be happy to recommend International Journal of Tryptophan Research to anyone."  (Professor Trevor Stone, University of Glasgow)

I had a great experience publishing our paper in Breast Cancer: Basic and Clinical Research. The editorial team is very friendly and helpful. I was updated frequently during the entire review and publishing process. The review process is very reasonable and fair. The editor in charge has good judgement on review comments. I would recommend this journal to any researchers who conduct breast cancer research.

- Dr Yanfen Hu
(University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX, USA)

Since my first enquiry about publishing in Gene Regulation And Systems Biology until the last moment of completing all the steps for publishing my paper, I was always taken seriously as author.  All my questions and concerns were answered in a very professional way.  The review process was quick and very fair.  Reviewers stick to the facts and declare their points of view like a clear thread through the manuscript.  I always had an enthusiastic feeling working with the people that serve for the journal.  I strongly recommend the Journal to my colleges in the field and wish a brilliant future for the Gene Regulation and Systems Biology.

- Dr Jasmine Kharazmi
(University of Zurich, Irchel, Zurich, Switzerland)

My experience publishing in Human Parasitic Diseases was very positive.  I was very satisfied with the rapid and high-quality review process and the constructive feedback.  The comments from the reviewers allowed me to improve the paper significantly.  I highly recommend that other researchers publish their papers in Libertas Academia Journals.

- Dr. Pedro Magalhães
(Faculty of Medicine, Agostinho Neto University, Luanda, Angola)

My experience with Clinical Medicine Insights: Case Reports was excellent.  The entire review process was fast and accurate.  My previous experience with important top ranking journals was unpleasant mainly because the staff were slow and sometimes presumptuous.  On the contrary, the editors of Libertas were helpful and prompt in responding to questions and issues related to the submission.  I recommend the publisher to my colleagues.

- Dr Lucio Gnessi
(Sapienza University of Rome, Italy)


I was delighted with the speed and efficiency with which my paper was processed. The friendly and personal communications with editorial staff also made the experience extremely pleasant and easy. I should be happy to recommend International Journal of Tryptophan Research to anyone.

- Professor Trevor Stone
(University of Glasgow, UK)

This is the second time I have published a manuscript in a Libertas Academica journal.  Once again, the process was really fast, peer reviewing was of high quality and authors were frequently informed by the editors about the stage of the publication process.  Overall a positive experience, therefore Libertas Academica is highly recommended for publishing your scientific work.

- Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos
(Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center, Kallithea, Greece)


My submission to Libertas was one of the easiest and most time-efficient publication processes I have come across.  From the quick response of the reviewers to the rapid return of the proofs, I was amazed at how quickly my article was "publication ready"!  Thanks for such a painless publication process.

- Dr Gerald W Dryden MD
(University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, USA)

As an author, I had a wonderful experience working with the editorial team of Nutrition and Metabolic Insights. Starting from the review process to proof processing and finalization of publication, I enjoyed the helpful nature and prompt response of the editorial and managerial team, and found them highly professional. The online review process was very well organized. I would love to work with the publication house in the future too. Keep up the spirit.

- Dr Arun Sedhain
(National Academy of Medical Sciences (NAMS), Bir Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal)

As an author of a research article I recently published in Biochemistry Insights, I was highly impressed by the highly efficient and prompt processing of my article, the high quality review of paper and speedy publication. The entire process of submission, review and publication was easy, quick and highly professional. The comments from reviewers and editor in chief were high quality, scientifically-deep and objective and it happened within three weeks. It was a great pleasure to work with such qualified and friendly team headed by an efficient editor in chief. I highly recommend publication in Biochemistry Insights, a Libertas Academica journal.

- Dr. S.J.S. Flora
(Defence Research & Development Establishment, India)

The reviewing and editorial management of our paper was timely, thorough, and systematic.  In particular the reviewers' comments resulted in a paper significantly more robust than the first version.

- Dr Clark D Jeffries
(University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, USA)

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What Your Colleagues Say About Libertas Academica
This is one of the best journals I have ever encountered. The review process is prompt, smooth and excellent. The quality of the reviews is one of the best I have ever experienced in my 17 years of publishing in scientific peer reviewed journals. Please keep it up.
Dr Gabriel Ike Obiefuna (Department of Geology, Federal University of Technology, Yola, Nigeria)
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