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Testimonials are kindly provided by authors and peer reviewers who have previously worked with Libertas and are reproduced here with their consent.

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"Working with Libertas Academica was the smoothest publication experience I have had.  The coordinators at Healthy Aging & Clinical Care in the Elderly were consistently available to answer questions and helped my paper progress through the publication stages in a very timely manner.  The reviewers provided excellent suggestions that greatly increased the quality of the paper as well.  This was a fantastic group of individuals with which to work."  (Dr Rachel Messer, Oklahoma State University)


"I was delighted with the speed and efficiency with which my paper was processed. The friendly and personal communications with editorial staff also made the experience extremely pleasant and easy. I should be happy to recommend International Journal of Tryptophan Research to anyone."  (Professor Trevor Stone, University of Glasgow)

I have found the process to be quick, timely and effective and the articles reviewed were relevant to my interests indicated in advance.  The necessary time to review the article was provided, and the journal staff have always been quick to ensure any questions have been addressed and my expectations satisfied.  It is with great pleasure that I note this as not only a peer reviewer, but also as an author whom has submitted to Clinical Medicine Insights: Psychiatry.  This is a wonderful recipe for a Journal.

- Professor Dr Joel Lamoure
(University of Western Ontario and University of Toronto, Canada)

As a peer reviewer for Libertas Academica, I have the opportunity to support a publisher with a constantly growing reputation in the field of academic journals publishing.  LA strongly promotes open access intellectual exchange across the world while maintaining rigorous scientific and professional expectations.  High quality is supported by a wide range of excellent reviewers. The online access is straightforward and very user-friendly. I look forward to further reviewing papers for Libertas Academica and also recommend potential authors to submit their work to journals published by LA.

- Dr Pawel Ciborowski
(Univeristy of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, USA)

It's been an excellent experience working with Libertas Academica as a reviewer. I was impressed by the quality of the submission and was very happy to participate in the review. The peer review process is clearly instructed and very easy to follow. I look forward to future reviewing for LA.

- Dr Jing Zhang
(University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE, USA)

The peer review process impressed me very much. It is particularly valuable to authors submitting their scientific work to this journal, and I would definitely consider submitting my work to this journal. The editorial processes are also highly efficient and responsible.

- Dr Xinian Zuo
(Institute for Pediatric Neuroscience, NYU Langone Medical Center, NY, USA)

It’s a great pleasure to review the high quality manuscripts submitted to Libertas Academica.  I enjoyed the review process and see a bright future for Libertas Academica.

- Dr Suhong Zhang
(University of Pennsylvania, USA )

It is a great pleasure to serve as a reviewer for this awesome journal.  Convenient user interface, frequent updates, informative interactions, and manuscripts of high quality have made it a success.

- Dr Dandan Huang
(Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, USA)

It is a great pleasure for me to be a peer reviewer for Libertas Academica.  The review process is efficient, well organized, and user friendly.  I encourage others to be a part of this team as an author or a peer reviewer/editor.  Thanks Libertas Academica editors and editorial management for maintaining this high level of quality and for their professionalism.

- Dr Mahmud Hossain
(Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Richland, Washington, USA)

I am highly impressed with the professional integrity, efficiency, and friendly communication of the editorial staff at Libertas Academia.  Recently, I had an authorship issue which I brought to the attention of the Publisher and CEO (Mr. Tom Hill) of the journal Air, Soil, and Water Research.  The issue was taken very seriously and was handled appropriately in an efficient and timely manner.  I would like to express my sincere appreciation and utmost  respect  for the Publisher and the staff at Libertas Academica for their attention, efforts, and dedication to maintaining the high quality and integrity of their publications.

- Dr Mustafa Selim
(Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Brody School of Medicine, East Carolina University)

It's my great pleasure to review the articles for Libertas Academica.  The journals are internationally recognized and the editors work very efficiently.  I highly recommend submitting papers to Libertas Academica!

- Dr Yamin Ma
(Morehouse School of Medicine, Atlanta, USA)

It is a great pleasure to work as a peer reviewer for LA.  The online review system is friendly and straightforward.  The most impressive part is that the contact between us is fast, friendly and efficient.  I am looking forward to submitting my own results and reviewing more manuscripts in the near future.

- Dr Li Yang
(University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, USA)

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  • Efficient Processing: 4 Weeks Average to First Editorial Decision
  • Fair & Independent Expert Peer Review
  • High Visibility & Extensive Database Coverage
What Your Colleagues Say About Libertas Academica
I am very impressed by the quick and user friendly reviewing process.  The editorial team is very efficient and I highly recommend submitting research papers to Libertas!
Dr T A Nell (Department of Physiological Sciences, Stellenbosch University, Matieland, Stellenbosch, South Africa)
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