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Biochemistry Insights call for papers from Dr Gabor Mocz

General call for papers (scroll down for 2010 special issue)

Dear colleagues,

The Editorial Board of Biochemistry Insights would like to sincerely invite you to submit a paper and join the increasing number of researchers and scientists who benefit from rapid, open access publication. Biochemistry Insights has recently been launched to publish peer-reviewed work in virtually any area of biochemistry.

We welcome original research articles, reviews, letters, or any other forms of reports focusing on experimental or theoretical findings as well as on actual or potential applications that will be of value to other investigators in the field. As an open access journal, Biochemistry Insights is freely available online to all readers worldwide, and is indexed in CAS and DOAJ in addition to indexing in PubMed for NIH-funded research.

It is certainly an exciting time for biochemistry everywhere. In essence, biochemistry is the study of the molecular basis of life. With recent advances in bioanalytical techniques, including mass spectrometry of biological molecules, DNA and protein microarray technology, and other nanoscale chemical, genomic and proteomic methods, both the present and future hold many promises for a better understanding of the molecular processes that underlie life in any form. Genetic and biochemical analysis of genes and proteins revolutionize the life sciences across all related subjects.

One can now potentially answer questions about life that would have been impossible just a quarter century ago, and the chances are great that we will see extraterrestrial or laboratory-created artificial life within our lifetime or close to it.

Biochemistry is also a practical discipline. It brings and translates the power of the molecular approach to new technologies with tremendous impact on human health and agricultural productivity. To name only a few of the recent successes, one can refer to research in infectious disease, immunology, endocrinology, pharmacology, and the many areas of biochemical genetics. Much of the future advances lie in decoding the functions of newly discovered genes, proteins, and mechanisms, and therefore biochemistry and biochemists will continue to play a central role in deciphering life as a whole.

We encourage you to read the papers already published in Biochemistry Insights. The Editorial Board is confident that the journal is a valuable and useful reading for everyone who wishes to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the field. We hope you will consider submitting your manuscript to us. Publishing with Biochemistry Insights will increase the influence and impact of your work.

What is the advantage to you of publishing in Biochemistry Insights?

  • Full open access: everyone can read your article and you retain copyright in it

  • Publishing decision within 2 weeks of submission

  • Your paper will not be rejected due to lack of space and will be published immediately on acceptance

  • Prompt and fair peer review from two expert peer reviewers

  • Frequent updates on your paper’s status

  • Friendly responsive staff

Aims and scope:

Biochemistry Insights is a journal that publishes papers in all aspects of biochemistry.

What a previous author said:

"The communication between your staff and me has been terrific. Whenever progress is made with the manuscript, I receive notice. Quite honestly, I've never had such complete communication with a journal."

In summary:

The advantages of a younger journal such as Biochemistry Insights are numerous but in essence allow us a greater flexibility and responsiveness to authors and readers that older journals cannot match.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Gabor Mocz


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