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Clinical Profile and Prognostic Indicators in Adults Hospitalized with Severe Malaria Caused by Different Plasmodium Species
Bal Kishan Gupta, Anjli Gupta, Hardev Ram Nehra, Heera Ram Balotia, Shyam Lal Meena and Surendra Kumar
Infectious Diseases: Research and Treatment 2015:8 45-50
Original Research | Published on 06 Dec 2015

Screening Analogs of β-OG Pocket Binder as Fusion Inhibitor of Dengue Virus 2
Usman S.F. Tambunan, Hilyatuz Zahroh, Arli A. Parikesit, Syarifuddin Idrus and Djati Kerami
Drug Target Insights 2015:9 33-49
Original Research | Published on 16 Nov 2015

Management of Pneumocystis jirovecii Pneumonia in Kidney Transplantation to Prevent Further Outbreak
Norihiko Goto, Kenta Futamura, Manabu Okada, Takayuki Yamamoto, Makoto Tsujita, Takahisa Hiramitsu, Shunji Narumi, and Yoshihiko Watarai
Clinical Medicine Insights: Circulatory, Respiratory and Pulmonary Medicine 2015:Suppl. 1 81-90
Review | Published on 15 Nov 2015

Modified Small Incision Cataract Surgery and Intraocular Lens Implantation in HIV Patients
Kagmeni Giles, Christelle Domngang, Georges Nguefack-Tsague, Ebana Mvogo Come and Peter Wiedemann
Ophthalmology and Eye Diseases 2015:7 35-37
Original Research | Published on 09 Nov 2015

Meeting the Challenge of Ebola Virus Disease in a Holistic Manner by Taking into Account Socioeconomic and Cultural Factors: The Experience of West Africa
Kai-Lit Phua
Infectious Diseases: Research and Treatment 2015:8 39-44
Opinion | Published on 09 Nov 2015 | Highly accessed (previous month)

Intestinal Myiasis by Larvae of Sarcophaga Species: A Case Report and Morphological Studies
Hosuru Subramanya Supram, Shishir Gokhale, Dharm Raj Bhatta and Subash Sapkota
Human Parasitic Diseases 2015:7 29-33
Short Report | Published on 09 Nov 2015

Estimation of Hepatitis B Virus, Hepatitis C Virus, and Different Clinical Parameters in the Thalassemic Population of Capital Twin Cities of Pakistan
Umar Saeed, Yasir Waheed, Muhammad Ashraf, Usman Waheed, Sadia Anjum and Muhammad Sohail Afzal
Virology: Research and Treatment 2015:6 11-16
Original Research | Published on 05 Nov 2015

Evaluation of Patient Satisfaction with Tuberculosis Services in Southern Nigeria
Ugochukwu U. Onyeonoro, Joseph N. Chukwu, Charles C. Nwafor, Anthony O. Meka, Babatunde I. Omotowo, Nelson O. Madichie, Chidubem Ogbudebe, Joy N. Ikebudu, Daniel C. Oshi, Ngozi Ekeke, Nsirimobu I. Paul and Chukwuma B. Duru
Health Services Insights 2015:8 25-33
Original Research | Published on 13 Oct 2015

Molecular Assay and Genotyping of Hepatitis C Virus among Infected Egyptian and Saudi Arabian Patients
Mohamed M.S. Farag, Ahmed R. Sofy, Adel A. Mousa, Mohamed A. Ahmed and Mohamed R. Alganzory
Virology: Research and Treatment 2015:6 1-10
Original Research | Published on 12 Oct 2015

Disseminated Mycobacterium simiae with Pelvic Malakoplakia in an AIDS Patient
Maria Nina Chitasombat and Duangkamon Wattanatranon
Clinical Medicine Insights: Case Reports 2015:8 89-91
Case report | Published on 12 Oct 2015

Vannellid Species Isolated from Freshwater Source in a Park in Jamaica, West Indies
Cheridah D. Todd, María Reyes-Batlle, Basilio Valladares, John F. Lindo and Jacob Lorenzo-Morales
Microbiology Insights 2015:Suppl. 1 7-9
Original Research | Published on 11 Oct 2015

Blastocystis Species: Guilty or Innocent?
Vinay Khanna, Kriti Tilak, Chaitra Shankar and Chiranjay Mukhopadhyay
Human Parasitic Diseases 2015:7 25-28
Original Research | Published on 11 Oct 2015

Multiple-locus VNTR Analyses of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus from Jamaica
Paul D. Brown
Infectious Diseases: Research and Treatment 2015:8 31-38
Original Research | Published on 23 Sep 2015

Rare Case of Meningoencephalitis Due to Aspergillus and Acanthamoeba Coinfection
Vinay Khanna, Kriti Tilak, Mukhyaprana Prabhu, Padma Priya and Ruchee Khanna
Human Parasitic Diseases 2015:7 19-23
Case Report | Published on 23 Sep 2015

Phenotypic and Genotypic Characteristics of Small Colony Variants and Their Role in Chronic Infection
Benjamin E. Johns, Kevin J. Purdy, Nicholas P. Tucker and Sarah E. Maddocks
Microbiology Insights 2015:8 15-23
Review | Published on 22 Sep 2015

Pneumocystis jirovecii Pneumonia in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients: Risks and Prophylaxis Recommendations
Shunsuke Mori and Mineharu Sugimoto
Clinical Medicine Insights: Circulatory, Respiratory and Pulmonary Medicine 2015:Suppl. 1 29-40
Review | Published on 06 Sep 2015

Promotion and Reporting of Research from Resource-Limited Settings
Chesmal Siriwardhana
Infectious Diseases: Research and Treatment 2015:8 25-29
Perspective | Published on 06 Sep 2015

Antigenic Determinants of Possible Vaccine Escape by Porcine Circovirus Subtype 2b Viruses
Megan Constans, Marvin Ssemadaali, Oleksandr Kolyvushko and Sheela Ramamoorthy
Bioinformatics and Biology Insights 2015:Suppl. 2 1-12
Original Research | Published on 23 Aug 2015 | Video abstract

Diagnosing Neglected Tropical Diseases in HIV Coinfection
José A.L. Lindoso, Ana C.S. Lima, Mirella A. Cunha and Claudia M.C. Gomes
Human Parasitic Diseases 2015:7 11-18
Review | Published on 23 Aug 2015

Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites and Association with Malnutrition at a Ghanaian Orphanage
Kwabena O. Duedu, Eric Peprah, Isaac Anim-Baidoo and Patrick F. Ayeh-Kumi
Human Parasitic Diseases 2015:7 5-9
Original Research | Published on 09 Aug 2015

Tryptophan Catabolism in Chronic Viral Infections: Handling Uninvited Guests
Vikram Mehraj and Jean-Pierre Routy
International Journal of Tryptophan Research 2015:8 41-48
Review | Published on 04 Aug 2015

Efficacy of Single-stage Revision with Aggressive Debridement Using Intra-articular Antibiotics in the Treatment of Infected Joint Prosthesis
Suresh J. Antony, Richard S. Westbrook, John S. Jackson, Jacob S. Heydemann and Jenny L. Nelson
Infectious Diseases: Research and Treatment 2015:8 17-23
Original Research | Published on 30 Jul 2015

Spectrophotometric Determination of Cefixime Trihydrate in Pharmaceutical Formulations Based on Ion-Pair Reaction with Bromophenol Blue
Mrudul R. Keskar and Ravin M. Jugade
Analytical Chemistry Insights 2015:10 11-16
Original Research | Published on 27 Jul 2015

DNA Sequence Signatures for Rapid Detection of Six Target Bacterial Pathogens Using PCR Assays
Kenjiro Nagamine, Guo-Chiuan Hung, Bingjie Li and Shyh-Ching Lo
Microbiology Insights 2015:8 7-14
Original Research | Published on 23 Jul 2015

Molecular Characterization of Pathogenic Acanthamoeba Isolated from Drinking and Recreational water in East Azerbaijan, Northwest Iran
Hamed Behniafar, Maryam Niyyati and Zohreh Lasjerdi
Environmental Health Insights 2015:9 7-12
Original Research | Published on 29 Jun 2015

Antischistosomal Activity of Two Active Constituents Isolated from the Leaves of Egyptian Medicinal Plants
Sanaa A. Ali, Nagy S. El-Regal and Samar M. Saeed
Infectious Diseases: Research and Treatment 2015:8 5-16
Original Research | Published on 15 Jun 2015

Characterization of Plasmodium falciparum Proteome at Asexual Blood Stages for Screening of Effective Vaccine Candidates: An Immunoinformatics Approach
Satarudra Prakash Singh, Vishal Verma and Bhartendu Nath Mishra
Immunology and Immunogenetics Insights 2015:7 21-30
Original Research | Published on 14 Jun 2015

Cervical Osteomyelitis with Thoracic Myelitis and Meningitis in a Diabetic Patient
Yu-ichiro Ohnishi, Koichi Iwatsuki, Shiromaru Ishida and Toshiki Yoshimine
Clinical Medicine Insights: Case Reports 2015:8 37-40
Case report | Published on 12 May 2015

Short-term Fluconazole Therapy for the Treatment of Candiduria in ICU and ICU Step-down Patients
G. Christopher Wood, Katarzyna Adamczyk, Bradley A. Boucher, Martin A. Croce, David A. Kuhl, Carey L. Rhea, Matthew Chambers, Joseph M. Swanson, Amado X. Freire and Timothy C. Fabian
Clinical Medicine Insights: Trauma and Intensive Medicine 2015:6 19-23
Original Research | Published on 07 May 2015

Gauze Filtration Technique for Quick and Inexpensive Diagnosis of Intestinal Parasites
Kriti Tilak, Vinay Khanna, Peralam Yegneswaran Prakash and Chiranjay Mukhopadhyay
Human Parasitic Diseases 2015:7 1-3
Methodology | Published on 20 Apr 2015

Normalization of Lung Function Following Treatment of Secondary Usual Interstitial Pneumonia: A Case Report
Laurie A. Hohberger, Felicia Montero-Arias, Anja C. Roden and Robert Vassallo
Clinical Medicine Insights: Circulatory, Respiratory and Pulmonary Medicine 2015:9 23-25
Case report | Published on 16 Apr 2015

Detection and Molecular Characterization of Potentially Pathogenic Free-living Amoebae from Water Sources in Kish Island, Southern Iran
Maryam Niyyati, Zohreh Lasgerdi and Jacob Lorenzo-Morales
Microbiology Insights 2015:Suppl. 1 1-6
Review | Published on 09 Apr 2015

Reduced Efficacy of Commercial Acaricides Against Populations of Resistant Cattle Tick Rhipicephalus microplus from Two Municipalities of Antioquia, Colombia
Anderson Lopez-Arias, David Villar-Argaiz, Jenny J. Chaparro-Gutierrez, Robert J. Miller and Adalberto A. Perez de Leon
Environmental Health Insights 2014:Suppl. 2 71-80
Original Research | Published on 19 Mar 2015

Selective Mycobacterium tuberculosis Shikimate Kinase Inhibitors as Potential Antibacterials
Sara Gordon, Johayra Simithy, Douglas C. Goodwin and Angela I. Calderón
Perspectives in Medicinal Chemistry 2015:7 9-20
Review | Published on 15 Mar 2015

Introductory Editorial: Disease Vectors
Stephanie L. Richards, Marilyn O'Hara Ruiz, Rebecca T. Trout Fryxell, Christopher Vitek
Environmental Health Insights 2014:Suppl. 2 67-69
Editorial | Published on 09 Mar 2015

Three Adult Cases of HPV-B19 Infection with Concomitant Leukopenia and Low Platelet Counts
Daizo Yaguchi, Nobuyuki Marui and Masaki Matsuo
Clinical Medicine Insights: Case Reports 2015:8 19-22
Case report | Published on 26 Feb 2015

Lack of Correlation between Bristol Stool Scale and Quantitative Bacterial Load in Clostridium difficile Infection
Abrar K. Thabit and David P. Nicolau
Infectious Diseases: Research and Treatment 2015:8 1-4
Rapid Communication | Published on 26 Feb 2015

A Novel Approach to Identify Candidate Prognostic Factors for Hepatitis C Treatment Response Integrating Clinical and Viral Genetic Data
Alicia Amadoz and Fernando González-Candelas
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2015:11 15-24
Methodology | Published on 23 Feb 2015

A Case of Tuberculous Cellulitis
Rieko Taguchi, Takeshi Nakanishi, Hisayoshi Imanishi, Toshiyuki Ozawa and Daisuke Tsuruta
Clinical Medicine Insights: Case Reports 2015:8 11-12
Case report | Published on 10 Feb 2015

Sexual Harassment and Feeding Inhibition Between Two Invasive Dengue Vectors
John Soghigian, Kathryn Gibbs, Ashleigh Stanton, Rachel Kaiser and Todd Livdahl
Environmental Health Insights 2014:Suppl. 2 61-66
Review | Published on 05 Jan 2015

In Silico Detection of Virulence Gene Homologues in the Human Pathogen Sphingomonas Spp.
Amr T. M. Saeb, Satish Kumar David and Hissa Al-Brahim
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2014:10 229-238
Original Research | Published on 11 Dec 2014

Kissing Bugs in the United States: Risk for Vector-Borne Disease in Humans
Stephen A. Klotz, Patricia L. Dorn, Mark Mosbacher and Justin O. Schmidt
Environmental Health Insights 2014:Suppl. 2 49-59
Review | Published on 10 Dec 2014

Environmental Changes Can Produce Shifts in Chagas Disease Infection Risk
Juan M. Cordovez and Camilo Sanabria
Environmental Health Insights 2014:Suppl. 2 43-48
Original Research | Published on 09 Dec 2014

Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus Habitat Preferences in South Texas, USA
Samantha R. Champion and Christopher J. Vitek
Environmental Health Insights 2014:Suppl. 2 35-42
Review | Published on 04 Dec 2014 | Editor in Chief endorsed

Emergency Mosquito Control on a Selected Area in Eastern North Carolina After Hurricane Irene
Jonathan W. Harris, Stephanie L. Richards and Alice Anderson
Environmental Health Insights 2014:Suppl. 2 29-33
Review | Published on 30 Nov 2014

Genetic Diversity and Allelic Frequency of Glutamate-Rich Protein (GLURP) in Plasmodium falciparum Isolates from Sub-Saharan Africa
Kimberley C. Duru and Bolaji N. Thomas
Microbiology Insights 2014:7 35-39
Short Report | Published on 20 Nov 2014

Temporal and Spatial Distribution of Tick-Borne Disease Cases among Humans and Canines in Illinois (2000–2009)
John A. Herrmann, Nicole M. Dahm, Marilyn O. Ruiz and William M. Brown
Environmental Health Insights 2014:Suppl. 2 15-27
Review | Published on 09 Nov 2014

Insights into Ebola and Other Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Disease Risks
Timothy R. Kelley
Environmental Health Insights 2014:8 39-41
Editorial | Published on 29 Oct 2014

Investigations of Koutango Virus Infectivity and Dissemination Dynamics in Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes
Jaime M. de Araújo Lobo, Rebecca C. Christofferson and Christopher N. Mores
Environmental Health Insights 2014:Suppl. 2 9-13
Review | Published on 29 Oct 2014

The Comparative Genomics and Phylogenomics of Leishmania amazonensis Parasite
Diogo A Tschoeke, Gisele L Nunes, Rodrigo Jardim, Joana Lima, Aline SR Dumaresq, Monete R Gomes, Leandro de Mattos Pereira, Daniel R Loureiro, Patricia H Stoco, Herbert Leonel de Matos Guedes, Antonio Basilio de Miranda, Jeronimo Ruiz, André Pitaluga, Floriano P Silva Jr, Christian M Probst, Nicholas J Dickens, Jeremy C Mottram, Edmundo C Grisard and Alberto MR Dávila
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2014:10 131-153
Original Research | Published on 23 Sep 2014

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