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Patterns of Local and Systemic Cytokines in Bacterial Meningitis and its Relation with Severity and Long-Term Sequelae
Federico Perdomo-Celis, Miguel A. Torres, Henry Ostos, Javier Gutierrez-Achury, Víctor Molano, Luis F. Durán, Guillermo González, and Carlos F. Narváez
Biomarker Insights 2015:10 125-131
Original Research | Published on 20 Dec 2015

Simulation of the Protein-Shedding Kinetics of a Fully Vascularized Tumor
Hermann B. Frieboes, Louis T. Curtis, Min Wu, Kian Kani and Parag Mallick
Cancer Informatics 2015:14 163-175
Original Research | Published on 20 Dec 2015

Molecular Profiling of Refractory Adrenocortical Cancers and Predictive Biomarkers to Therapy
Sherri Z. Millis, Samuel Ejadi and Michael J. Demeure
Biomarkers in Cancer 2015:7 69-76
Original Research | Published on 17 Dec 2015

miRNAs As Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarkers in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma and Its Precursor Lesions: A Review
Bárbara Alemar, Cleandra Gregório, and Patricia Ashton-Prolla
Biomarker Insights 2015:10 113-124
Review | Published on 13 Dec 2015

High Expression of Three-Gene Signature Improves Prediction of Relapse-Free Survival in Estrogen Receptor-Positive and Node-Positive Breast Tumors
Arvind Thakkar, Hemanth Raj, Ravishankar, Bhaskaran Muthuvelan, Arun Balakrishnan and Muralidhara Padigaru
Biomarker Insights 2015:10 103-112
Original Research | Published on 30 Nov 2015

Studying the Impact of Presence of Alpha Acid Glycoprotein and Protein Glycoprotein in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Patients Treated with Imatinib Mesylate in the State of Qatar
Nader I. Al-Dewik, Andrew P. Jewell, Mohammed A. Yassin and Hisham M. Morsi
Biomarkers in Cancer 2015:7 63-67
Original Research | Published on 29 Nov 2015

Precision Medicine for Molecularly Targeted Agents and Immunotherapies in Early-Phase Clinical Trials
Juanita Lopez, Sam Harris, Desam Roda and Timothy A. Yap
Translational Oncogenomics 2015:Suppl. 1 1-11
Review | Published on 15 Nov 2015

Introductory Editorial: Tyrosine Kinases in Cancer
Olga Blau, Boris Afanasyev, Igor W. Blau
Biomarker Insights 2015:Suppl. 3 41-42
Editorial | Published on 02 Nov 2015

Serum Biopterin and Neopterin Levels as Predictors of Empty Follicles
Akihiro Hamuro, Daisuke Tachibana, Takuya Misugi, Hiroko Katayama, Koji Ozaki, Yuji Fujino, Nakamura Yoshihiro, Haruo Shintaku and Masayasu Koyama
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2015:6 29-34
Original Research | Published on 02 Nov 2015

Prognostic and Predictive Significance of Stromal Fibroblasts and Macrophages in Colon Cancer
Benjamin Y. Owusu, Mudit Vaid, Pawan Kaler and Lidija Klampfer
Biomarkers in Cancer 2015:Suppl. 1 29-37
Review | Published on 02 Nov 2015

Immunohistochemical Markers of Soft Tissue Tumors: Pathologic Diagnosis, Genetic Contributions, and Therapeutic Options
David M. Parham
Analytical Chemistry Insights 2015:Suppl. 1 1-10
Review | Published on 29 Oct 2015

Associations of the A66G Methionine Synthase Reductase Polymorphism in Colorectal Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Noel Pabalan, Eloisa Singian, Lani Tabangay, Hamdi Jarjanazi and Neetu Singh
Biomarkers in Cancer 2015:Suppl. 1 21-28
Review | Published on 29 Oct 2015

Biomarkers of Angiogenesis in Colorectal Cancer
Luay Mousa, Mohamed E. Salem and Sameh Mikhail
Biomarkers in Cancer 2015:Suppl. 1 13-19
Review | Published on 27 Oct 2015

MicroRNA-155 and Its Role in Malignant Hematopoiesis
Prajnya Ranganath
Biomarker Insights 2015:10 95-102
Review | Published on 22 Oct 2015

Blood-based Biomarkers at Large Bowel Endoscopy and Prediction of Future Malignancies
Thomas S. Kring, Thomas B. Piper, Lars N. Jørgensen, Jesper Olsen, Hans B. Rahr, Knud T. Nielsen, Søren Laurberg, Gerard Davis, Barry Dowell, Julia S. Johansen, Ib J. Christensen, Nils Brünner and Hans J. Nielsen
Biomarkers in Cancer 2015:7 57-61
Original Research | Published on 22 Oct 2015

Decreased Phosphorylated Protein Kinase B (Akt) in Individuals with Autism Associated with High Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) and Low Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)
Anthony J. Russo
Biomarker Insights 2015:10 89-94
Original Research | Published on 14 Oct 2015

FXYD5 is a Marker for Poor Prognosis and a Potential Driver for Metastasis in Ovarian Carcinomas
Pichai Raman, Timothy Purwin, Richard Pestell and Aydin Tozeren
Cancer Informatics 2015:14 113-119
Short Report | Published on 12 Oct 2015

More than a Decade of Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors in the Treatment of Solid Tumors: What We Have Learned and What the Future Holds
Maria Vergoulidou
Biomarker Insights 2015:Suppl. 3 33-40
Review | Published on 08 Oct 2015

Ameloblastoma: A Review of Recent Molecular Pathogenetic Discoveries
Noah A. Brown and Bryan L. Betz
Biomarkers in Cancer 2015:Suppl. 2 19-24
Review | Published on 04 Oct 2015

Microparticles as Biomarkers of Blood Coagulation in Cancer
Shosaku Nomura, Maiko Niki, Tohru Nisizawa, Takeshi Tamaki and Michiomi Shimizu
Biomarkers in Cancer 2015:7 51-56
Review | Published on 01 Oct 2015

Evaluation of Candidate Biomarkers of Type 1 Diabetes via the Core for Assay Validation
Cate Speake and Jared M. Odegard
Biomarker Insights 2015:Suppl. 4 19-24
Review | Published on 29 Sep 2015

Activated Leukocyte Cell Adhesion Molecule (ALCAM) in Saudi Breast Cancer Patients as Prognostic and Predictive Indicator
Fawziah S. Al-Shehri and Eman M. Abd EL Azeem
Breast Cancer: Basic and Clinical Research 2015:9 81-86
Original Research | Published on 23 Sep 2015

Biomarkers for Sepsis: What Is and What Might Be?
Bethany M. Biron, Alfred Ayala and Joanne L. Lomas-Neira
Biomarker Insights 2015:Suppl. 4 7-17
Review | Published on 15 Sep 2015

Directed Differentiation of Pluripotent Stem Cells into Kidney
Ryuji Morizane and Albert Q. Lam
Biomarker Insights 2015:Suppl. 1 147-152
Review | Published on 13 Sep 2015

Genomic, Proteomic, and Metabolomic Data Integration Strategies
Kwanjeera Wanichthanarak, Johannes F. Fahrmann and Dmitry Grapov
Biomarker Insights 2015:Suppl. 4 1-6
Review | Published on 07 Sep 2015 | Editor in Chief endorsed

Urinary Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin to Monitor Lupus Nephritis Disease Activity
Hani Susianti, Jullyanny W. Wijaya, Ati Rastini, Kusworini Handono, Atma Gunawan and Handono Kalim
Biomarker Insights 2015:10 81-87
Original Research | Published on 06 Sep 2015

BRAF Mutation in Colorectal Cancer: An Update
David Barras
Biomarkers in Cancer 2015:Suppl. 1 9-12
Review | Published on 06 Sep 2015

Tissue Factor–Factor VII Complex As a Key Regulator of Ovarian Cancer Phenotypes
Shiro Koizume and Yohei Miyagi
Biomarkers in Cancer 2015:Suppl. 2 1-13
Review | Published on 06 Sep 2015

Development and Validation of a Clinical Risk-Assessment Tool Predictive of All-Cause Mortality
Ghalib A. Bello, Gerard G. Dumancas and Chris Gennings
Bioinformatics and Biology Insights 2015:Suppl. 3 1-10
Original Research | Published on 01 Sep 2015

BCR-ABL Mutation-Guided Therapy for CML Blast Crisis: A Case Report
Benjamin N. Ostendorf, Hendrik Nogai, Claudia D. Baldus, Thomas Burmeister, and Renate Arnold
Biomarker Insights 2015:Suppl. 3 25-28
Case Report | Published on 30 Aug 2015

Biomarkers in Acute Decompensated Heart Failure
Andrew N. Rosenbaum and Wayne L. Miller
Clinical Medicine Insights: Therapeutics 2015:7 33-42
Review | Published on 27 Aug 2015

Stem Cells and Progenitor Cells for Tissue-Engineered Solutions to Congenital Heart Defects
Yang Gao and Jeffrey G. Jacot
Biomarker Insights 2015:Suppl. 1 139-146
Review | Published on 26 Aug 2015

von Willebrand Factor Propeptide: A Potential Disease Biomarker Not Affected by ABO Blood Groups
Mahat Marianor, Abdullah Wan Zaidah and C.H. Che Maraina
Biomarker Insights 2015:10 75-79
Original Research | Published on 23 Aug 2015

Introductory Editorial: Stem Cell Biology
David Brafman, Stuart Campbell, Albert Q. Lam, Jean J. Kim, Mehdi Nikkhah, Sarah Stabenfeldt
Biomarker Insights 2015:Suppl. 1 133-137
Editorial | Published on 23 Aug 2015

Histopathological Features of Non-Neoplastic Breast Parenchyma Do Not Predict BRCA Mutation Status of Patients with Invasive Breast Cancer
Soley Bayraktar, Hongming Qiu, Diane Liu, Yu Shen, Angelica M. Gutierrez-Barrera, Banu K. Arun and Aysegul A. Sahin
Biomarkers in Cancer 2015:7 39-49
Original Research | Published on 18 Aug 2015

Autoantibody Profiles in Collagen Disease Patients with Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD): Antibodies to Major Histocompatibility Complex Class I-Related Chain A (MICA) as Markers of ILD
Hiroshi Furukawa, Shomi Oka, Kota Shimada, Kiyoe Masuo, Fumiaki Nakajima, Shunichi Funano, Yuki Tanaka, Akiko Komiya, Naoshi Fukui, Tatsuya Sawasaki, Kenji Tadokoro, Masato Nose, Naoyuki Tsuchiya and Shigeto Tohma
Biomarker Insights 2015:10 63-73
Original Research | Published on 16 Aug 2015

Role of Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors in Indolent and Other Mature B-Cell Neoplasms
Nadine Kutsch, Reinhard Marks, Richard Ratei, Thomas K. Held and Martin Schmidt-Hieber
Biomarker Insights 2015:Suppl. 3 15-23
Review | Published on 16 Aug 2015

Infrequent Expression of the Cancer-Testis Antigen, PASD1, in Ovarian Cancer
Ghazala Khan, Suzanne E. Brooks, Ken I. Mills and Barbara-Ann Guinn
Biomarkers in Cancer 2015:7 31-38
Original Research | Published on 16 Aug 2015

Class III Receptor Tyrosine Kinases in Acute Leukemia – Biological Functions and Modern Laboratory Analysis
Rimma Berenstein
Biomarker Insights 2015:Suppl. 3 1-14
Review | Published on 05 Aug 2015

Analysis of Lung Flute–collected Sputum for Lung Cancer Diagnosis
Jian Su, Nigar Anjuman, Maria A. Guarnera, Howard Zhang, Sanford A. Stass and Feng Jiang
Biomarker Insights 2015:10 55-61
Original Research | Published on 04 Aug 2015

Applications of iPSCs in Cancer Research
Jean J. Kim
Biomarker Insights 2015:Suppl. 1 125-131
Review | Published on 29 Jul 2015

A Quantitative Perspective on Surface Marker Selection for the Isolation of Functional Tumor Cells
Calvin F. Cahall, Jacob L. Lilly, Edward A. Hirschowitz and Brad J. Berron
Breast Cancer: Basic and Clinical Research 2015:Suppl. 1 1-11
Review | Published on 27 Jul 2015

Self-organized Kidney Rudiments: Prospects for Better in vitro Nephrotoxicity Assays
Jamie A. Davies
Biomarker Insights 2015:Suppl. 1 117-123
Concise Review | Published on 16 Jul 2015

Interleukin 1β—A Potential Salivary Biomarker for Cancer Progression?
Adi Idris, Nur B. Ghazali and David Koh
Biomarkers in Cancer 2015:7 25-29
Short Review | Published on 08 Jul 2015

High-Throughput Sequencing of miRNAs Reveals a Tissue Signature in Gastric Cancer and Suggests Novel Potential Biomarkers
Sylvain Darnet, Fabiano C Moreira, Igor G Hamoy, Rommel Burbano, André Khayat, Aline Cruz, Leandro Magalhães, Artur Silva, Sidney Santos, Samia Demachki, Monica Assumpção, Paulo Assumpção, and Ândrea Ribeiro-dos-Santos
Bioinformatics and Biology Insights 2015:Suppl. 1 1-8
Original Research | Published on 28 Jun 2015

Time-Frequency Analysis of Peptide Microarray Data: Application to Brain Cancer Immunosignatures
Brian O'Donnell, Alexander Maurer, Antonia Papandreou-Suppappola and Phillip Stafford
Cancer Informatics 2015:Suppl. 2 219-233
Original Research | Published on 18 Jun 2015

Synthetic Extracellular Microenvironment for Modulating Stem Cell Behaviors
Prafulla Chandra and Sang Jin Lee
Biomarker Insights 2015:Suppl. 1 105-116
Review | Published on 17 Jun 2015

A Serum Analysis Before and After Antidepressant Treatment in Major Depression: A Pilot Study
Murielle Girard, Karine Vuilliers-Devillers, Emilie Pinault, Barbara Bessette, Brigitte Plansont and Dominique Malauzat
Clinical Medicine Insights: Psychiatry 2015:6 1-12
Original Research | Published on 15 Jun 2015

Combination of PAPPA, fhCGβ, AFP, PlGF, sTNFR1, and Maternal Characteristics in Prediction of Early-onset Preeclampsia
Anna Yliniemi, Kaarin Makikallio, Teemu Korpimaki, Heikki Kouru, Jaana Marttala and Markku Ryynanen
Clinical Medicine Insights: Reproductive Health 2015:9 13-20
Original Research | Published on 11 Jun 2015

Prospects for In Vitro Myofilament Maturation in Stem Cell-Derived Cardiac Myocytes
Jonas Schwan and Stuart G. Campbell
Biomarker Insights 2015:Suppl. 1 91-103
Commentary | Published on 10 Jun 2015

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