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Breast Cancer: Basic and Clinical Research


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Editor in Chief's Call for Papers

Dear colleague,

As Editor in Chief I thank you for your interest in Breast Cancer: Basic and Clinical Research, an international, peer reviewed open access journal focussing on all aspects of this important subject. 

As Editor in Chief I work closely with the publisher, Libertas, to deliver what I consider to be amongst the best scholarly publishing available from any journal:

  • Fast constructive peer review

  • Professional author service

  • Indexing by prestigious indexes including Pubmed

  • High readership and impact

You will receive a comprehensive and fair peer review within just three weeks from submission.  We have achieved this exceptional efficiency by providing peer reviewers with a simple interface and clear instructions, allowing them to perform their work in less time.  Our instructions to peer reviewers require them to provide a fair, balanced and constructive assessment.  Libertas staff will provide you with frequent updates on your submission by email or through your My LA user account.  The journal office is organised so that through-out the entire process you will work with just two staff members who will provide prompt, constructive responses to your enquiries.  You can even chat live with the staff on their instant chat service.

Clinical Medicine Insights: Cardiology is designed to provide high visibility to your paper.  The Article Views figure above shows the total quantity of views of journal articles.  To maximise your paper’s visibility the publisher works intensively on search engine optimisation and your article will be announced on Twitter, RSS, LinkedIn and email newsletters.  The journal is extensively indexed, including Pubmed, and the publisher adds the journal to new indexes as it becomes eligible.

When your submission is received it will be subject to an initial assessment to ensure it is ready for peer review.  After peer review is completed an editorial decision will be made on its suitability for publication on the basis of two peer review reports.  Following final acceptance Libertas’ efficient and user-friendly interface will guide you through the production process.  Your paper will be published as soon as it is ready.  If you need it, copy editing, figure creation and provisional PDF publication is available.

Submit your paper whenever you wish.  The submission process takes less than two minutes and processing will commence on the same day.  Click here to commence the submission process now.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Goberdhan P Dimri
Breast Cancer: Basic and Clinical Research

Our Service Promise

  • Prompt Processing (Less Than 3 Weeks)
  • Fair & Comprehensive Peer Review
  • Professional Author Service
  • Leading Editors in Chief
  • Extensive Indexing
  • High Readership & Impact
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I would like to say that this is the most author-friendly editing process I have experienced in over 50 publications. The publishing process of this journal was a most pleasant and productive experience. I was particularly impressed with the regular updates of the progress of my submission. My experience with Libertas Academica was excellent.
Dr Ling Hong Tseng, MD (Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and University of Chang Gung School of Medicine, Taiwan) What our authors say