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Journal metrics

Journal metrics data is obained from the SCImago Journal and Country Rank service based on data from Scopus.  The fluctuations seen in this data for this journal is understood to be related to the fluctuations seen in quantities of papers published per year; as the annual quantities of published papers trends upwards we expect these fluctuations to no longer occur. 

The SJR indicator measures the scientific influence of an average article in the journal.  The cites per document indicator measures the scientific impact of an average article published in the journal.  Although the cites per document indicator is calculated with the same formula as the journal impact factor it should not be considered to be a substitute for an official Thomson-ISI impact factor.  This journal does not yet have an official impact factor.  Additional data and further information on this data is available from SCImago.

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Article usage metrics

Article metrics are available for all articles within approximately 72 hours following publication.  Article metrics are based on data collected on the journal's website and where applicable also from Pubmed Central.  Metrics include HTML and PDF views, views per month, and views per geographical region.  To view this data go to the article's abstract and select the Article Metrics tab.

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My experience publishing in Perspectives in Medicinal Chemistry was very positive.  The submission process was very quick and easy.  I was extremely impressed by the efficiency of the editorial staff and reviewers.
Dr Peter Wostyn (PC Sint Amandus, Beernem, Belgium)
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