Do you support archiving of papers?

Yes certainly, this is a key aspect of open access.  Read about our archiving activities here.

I don't know much about open access.  Where can I learn more?

Read more about open access here.

Why should I choose a Libertas journal over any other?

The aims and scope of the journal, its editorial board and editor in chief, and the visibility and external indexing it offers are key considerations.  

We also suggest that you consider the following:

  • Neither too much or too little time taken to make editorial decisions: we think about three weeks is an optimal balance.

  • If your paper is accepted for publication how long will it take to be published?  Two to three weeks is reasonable.

  • Are clear methods of communication available from the publisher's website?

  • Will your paper be archived?  Can you self-archive?

  • Do papers already published in the journal achieve an appropriate level of quality?

  • Is the paper professionally typeset?

  • What do your colleagues previously or currently involved in the journal say about it?

Are articles published in your journals peer reviewed?

Yes, all submissions are blind peer reviewed by a minimum of two reviewers.  The resulting editorial decision is made by the Editor in Chief or Associate Editor.  We don't operate open peer review or double-blind peer review.  

We actively monitor and improve where possible the peer review process.  It's not in our interest to compromise the process.  Journals are judged on the quality of the papers they publish, and so if our journals published un-peer reviewed papers then the journals, and by association the publisher, would be harmed.

Is Libertas Motivated Solely by Profit?

Although Libertas is financially successful and is therefore sustainable in the long-term, it exists primarily to advance open and responsible science and medical communication.  

Done properly open access publishing is not particularly profitable, so if profit were our sole objective then there would be better fields to be in than open access publishing.

We recognise that for open access journals to be successful they must be operated in a professional and commercially-responsible manner.  Publishing is not cheap and journals cannot operate sustainably on enthusiasm alone.

However, we understand that fees can be problematic for some authors.  Every month a significant proportion of the papers published by Libertas are given fee waivers and where these are not available substantial discounts are offered to authors working in developing nations.

Does Libertas send unsolicited commercial emails ("spam")?

No.  Libertas always seeks to comply with New Zealand unsolicited email laws, which state that if an email contains an offer of a commercial nature then the recipient must have agreed (or "opted-in") to receive it.  Consequently Libertas only invites contributions to journals, which may lead to article processing fee payments, in emails sent to the opted-in email newsletter list of the relevant journal.  Subscribers to these newsletters may unsubscribe immediately at any time with the link at the bottom of each email or by logging into My LA.  

Editorial board recruitment is done either by the Editor in Chief personally or through expressions of interest received through the Libertas website.  We may occasionally send non-commercial invitations to work with us as supplement guest editors to individual researchers.  

Through third-party providers of opted-in email lists we may occasionally send invitations to subscribe to our email lists.  Recipients of these must subscribe if they wish to receive any further messages. We strictly only use third-party providers on the basis that their email lists are opted-in. 

Where can I find information about journal indexing?

A list of the external indexes and databases we use is available here. To see the databases each journal appears in select a journal from the journals homepage.

Why are your article processing fees so high?

Our APFs are lower than most commercial publishers: a comparison table is available here.  

More information on fees is available in the APF frequently asked questions.

Why does it cost so much to put a PDF on your website?

If that was all that was involved then it would be very cheap.  But the indirect costs of operating an open access journal are substantial.  Processing and production systems must be developed and then constantly maintained to ensure that they continue to meet the expectations of users, so information technology and development costs tend to be high.  No publisher can ignore the importance of effective marketing and promotion of journals to ensure their success.  High quality contractors must be identified and remunerated.  All these factors contribute to significant costs.

What do authors say about you?  Why do you solicit feedback so much?

Author feedback is available here.  Most of our feedback is solicited after publication from authors and also from peer reviewers, and is a byproduct of the regular author surveys we operate to measure our performance.  Testimonials are only used after permissions has been obtained from the person giving it, and can be removed at anytime.  

Why do you talk about article visibility so much?

Because through our research we know how important it is to authors, and also because it's one of the greatest quantifiable strengths of open access.

Can I buy reprints of an article?

Yes.  Visit the Article Reprints page to learn more.

Do you give fee waivers or discounts?

Yes, we provide waivers and various types of discount.  Visit the APF frequently asked questions for further information.

Can I download a list of journals?

A spreadsheet listing journals is available for download here.

How long have you been publishing for?

Libertas started publishing at the beginning of 2005.

Who owns Libertas?

Read more about our ownership here.

I want to propose a new journal.  How do I do this?

Libertas occasionally launches new journals where we can establish that a title has a realistic prospect of being successful and of making a positive contribution to its field.  Visit the New Journal Proposals page to learn more.  

How do I contact you or provide feedback?

You're welcome to provide constructive feedback to us at anytime.  We value users' opinions and often act on them to make improvements.  If you'd like to contribute use the contact information available here or click on the Tell Us How We're Doing link at the bottom of any webpage.

A commentator said something nasty about Libertas.  How do you respond?

Like many areas where a paradigm shift is in progress alarming statements are occasionally made.  Those making these statements tend not to confirm their opinions by asking us for our feedback or even reading information available on this website.  They also tend not to have any practical experience working with us.  We encourage readers of these statements to consider whether the commentator has disclosed their sources, their methodology of assessment and any conflicting interests.

Our Service Promise

  • Efficient Processing: 4 Weeks Average to First Editorial Decision
  • Fair & Independent Expert Peer Review
  • High Visibility & Extensive Database Coverage
What Your Colleagues Say About Libertas Academica
I found the process of going through submission, review, editing, and publication to be quite easy. Everything was handled professionally and competently. The quality of the reviews were as good as any I have experienced in 30 years of publishing in scientific journals.
Professor Bonnie Kaplan (Departments of Paediatrics and Community Health Sciences, University of Calgary)
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