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Molecular Detection and Clinical Implications of HTLV-1 Infections among Antiretroviral Therapy-Naïve HIV-1-Infected Individuals in Abuja, Nigeria
Idris Abdullahi Nasir, Abdurrahman Elfulaty Ahmad, Anthony Uchenna Emeribe, Muhammad Sagir Shehu, Jessy Thomas Medugu and Adamu Babayo
Virology: Research and Treatment 2015:6 17-23
Original Research | Published on 14 Dec 2015

Estimation of Hepatitis B Virus, Hepatitis C Virus, and Different Clinical Parameters in the Thalassemic Population of Capital Twin Cities of Pakistan
Umar Saeed, Yasir Waheed, Muhammad Ashraf, Usman Waheed, Sadia Anjum and Muhammad Sohail Afzal
Virology: Research and Treatment 2015:6 11-16
Original Research | Published on 05 Nov 2015

Molecular Assay and Genotyping of Hepatitis C Virus among Infected Egyptian and Saudi Arabian Patients
Mohamed M.S. Farag, Ahmed R. Sofy, Adel A. Mousa, Mohamed A. Ahmed and Mohamed R. Alganzory
Virology: Research and Treatment 2015:6 1-10
Original Research | Published on 12 Oct 2015

Epidemiology and Associated Risk Factors of Hepatitis E Virus Infection in Plateau State, Nigeria
Surajudeen A. Junaid, Samuel E. Agina and Khadijah A. Abubakar
Virology: Research and Treatment 2014:5 15-26
Original Research | Published on 27 May 2014

Molecular Characteristics of Rotavirus Isolated from a Diarrhea Outbreak in October 2008 in Bintuni Bay, Papua, Indonesia
Eka Pratiwi, Vivi Setiawaty and Rudi Hendro Putranto
Virology: Research and Treatment 2014:5 11-14
Original Research | Published on 09 Mar 2014

Is Infant Immunity Actively Suppressed or Immature?
Ana L. Gervassi and Helen Horton
Virology: Research and Treatment 2014:5 1-9
Review | Published on 24 Feb 2014

Animal Models Utilized in HTLV-1 Research
Amanda R. Panfil, Jacob J. Al-Saleem and Patrick L. Green
Virology: Research and Treatment 2013:4 49-59
Review | Published on 18 Nov 2013

T Cell Transcription Factors and Their Impact on HIV Expression
Katarzyna Kaczmarek, Ayana Morales and Andrew J. Henderson
Virology: Research and Treatment 2013:4 41-47
Review | Published on 24 Sep 2013

High Rate of Non-detectable HIV-1 RNA Among Antiretroviral Drug Naive HIV Positive Individuals in Nigeria
Georgina N. Odaibo, Isaac F. Adewole and David O. Olaleye
Virology: Research and Treatment 2013:4 35-40
Original Research | Published on 28 Aug 2013

Antigenic Variation in H5N1 clade 2.1 Viruses in Indonesia From 2005 to 2011
Vivi Setiawaty, Eka Pratiwi, Hana A. Pawestri, Fera Ibrahim and Amin Soebandrio
Virology: Research and Treatment 2013:4 27-34
Original Research | Published on 19 Aug 2013

Dendritic Cells in HIV-1 and HCV Infection: Can They Help Win the Battle?
Mohit Sehgal, Zafar K. Khan, Andrew H. Talal and Pooja Jain
Virology: Research and Treatment 2013:4 1-25
Review | Published on 11 Feb 2013

Intrabody-based Mapping of Latency-associated Nuclear Antigen from Kaposi’s Sarcoma-associated Herpesvirus  Show Conserved Epitopes for Viral Latency Inhibition
Sofia Corte-Real, Lídia Fonseca, Carlos Barbas III and Joao Goncalves
Virology: Research and Treatment 2010:2 1-16
Original Research | Published on 10 Mar 2010

Generation of BKV-Specific T Cells for Adoptive Therapy Against BKV Nephropathy
Jongming Li, Bijoyesh Mookerjee, Priya Singh and John L Wagner
Virology: Research and Treatment 2008:1 97-107
Published on 02 Dec 2008 | Highly accessed (previous month)

Characterization of Non-Conserved HLA-A*0201 Binding T cell Epitopes of JC Virus T Antigen
Jongming Li, John L. Wagner and Bijoyesh Mookerjee
Virology: Research and Treatment 2008:1 87-95
Published on 09 Sep 2008

Evolution of the G+C Content Frontier in the Rat Cytomegalovirus Genome
Derek Gatherer
Virology: Research and Treatment 2008:1 75-86
Published on 09 Sep 2008

Cytomegalovirus Disease Amongst Renal Transplant Recipients in Australia and New Zealand
H. Seale, D. E Dwyer, J.R Chapman and C R. MacIntyre
Virology: Research and Treatment 2008:1 65-73

Published on 01 Sep 2008

HIV-1 Transmission, Replication Fitness and Disease Progression
Tasha Biesinger and Jason T. Kimata
Virology: Research and Treatment 2008:1 49-63
Published on 14 Jul 2008

KSHV Latency in Transformed B-cells: The Role of LANA1 as a Therapeutic Target
Sofia Corte-Real, LĂ­dia Fonseca and Joao Goncalves
Virology: Research and Treatment 2008:1 43-48
Published on 17 Jun 2008

Functionality of Chimeric E2 Glycoproteins of BVDV and CSFV in Virus Replication
H.G.P. van Gennip, G.K.W Miedema, R.J.M. Moormann and P.A van Rijn
Virology: Research and Treatment 2008:1 29-40
Published on 19 Mar 2008

Antibiotic-Mediated Inhibition of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSV) Infection: A Novel Quinolone Function Which Potentiates the Antiviral Cytokine Response in MARC-145 Cells and Pig Macrophages
William A. Cafruny, Richard G. Duman, Raymond R. Rowland, Eric A. Nelson, and Grace H. Wong
Virology: Research and Treatment 2008:1 17-28
Published on 17 Mar 2008

Identification of Rotavirus VP6-Specific CD4+ T Cell Epitopes in a G1P[8] Human Rotavirus-Infected Rhesus Macaque
Wei Zhao, Bapi Pahar and Karol Sestak
Virology: Research and Treatment 2008:1 9-15

Published on 03 Mar 2008

An Evidence-Based Approach to Plum Pox Virus Detection by DASI-ELISA and RT-PCR in Dormant Period
Antonio Olmos, Edson Bertolini, Nieves Capote, Mariano Cambra
Virology: Research and Treatment 2008:1 1-8
Published on 10 Feb 2008

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