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The Economic Impact of Smoking and of Reducing Smoking Prevalence: Review of Evidence
Victor U. Ekpu and Abraham K. Brown
Tobacco Use Insights 2015:8 1-35
Review | Published on 14 Jul 2015

Does Increased Knowledge of Risk and Complication of Smoking on Diabetes Affect Quit Rate? Findings from a Randomized Controlled Trial in Kerala, India
GK Mini, Mark Nichter and KR Thankappan
Tobacco Use Insights 2014:7 27-30
Original Research | Published on 31 Jul 2014

Prevalence and Pattern of Smoking among Bus Drivers of Dhaka, Bangladesh
Shatabdi Goon and Munmun S. Bipasha
Tobacco Use Insights 2014:7 21-25
Original Research | Published on 09 Mar 2014

The Prevalence of Smoking Among Karbala/Iraq University Students in Iraq in 2005
Ali Al Mousawi
Tobacco Use Insights 2014:7 9-14
Original Research | Published on 10 Feb 2014

Psychosocial and Behavioral Characteristics Among Subgroups of Nondaily College Student Smokers
Devan R. Romero, Kim Pulvers, Taneisha S. Scheuermann and Jasjit S. Ahluwalia
Tobacco Use Insights 2014:7 15-19
Short Report | Published on 10 Feb 2014

An Exploration of Smoking Behavior of African Male Immigrants Living in Glasgow
Ejiofor Augustine Ezika
Tobacco Use Insights 2014:7 1-8
Original Research | Published on 02 Jan 2014

Culturally Tailored Smoking Cessation for Arab American Male Smokers in Community Settings: A Pilot Study
Linda Haddad and Jacqueline Corcoran
Tobacco Use Insights 2013:6 17-23
Short Report | Published on 07 May 2013

Changes in Attitudes, Intentions, and Behaviors toward Tobacco and Marijuana during U.S. Students’ First Year of College
Mara W. Stewart and Megan A. Moreno
Tobacco Use Insights 2013:6 7-16
Original Research | Published on 16 Apr 2013

A Population Based Study on the Prevalence of Cigarette Smoking and Smokers’ Characteristics at Osogbo, Nigeria
Ebenezer G Adepoju, Samuel A Olowookere, Najemdeen A Adeleke, Olusegun T Afolabi, Folakemi O Olajide and Olufemi O Aluko
Tobacco Use Insights 2013:6 1-5
Original Research | Published on 06 Feb 2013

Smoking Prevalence and the Association Between Smoking and Sociodemographic Factors Using the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey Data, 2008 to 2010
Sungroul Kim
Tobacco Use Insights 2012:5 17-26
Original Research | Published on 18 Jul 2012

Predictors of Clinician Tobacco Intervention Counseling in Six North Carolina Free Clinics
John G. Spangler, MD, MPH, Eun-Young Song, PhD, Jessica Richardson Pockey, MPH, Erin L. Sutfin, PhD, Donald W. Helme, PhD, Cindy Jones, RCP, and Kristie L. Foley, PhD
Tobacco Use Insights 2012:5 11-16
Original Research | Published on 10 Jul 2012

Decreasing Nicotine Content Reduces Subjective and Physiological Effects of Smoking
David M. Penetar, Kimberly P. Lindsey, Erica N. Peters, Trisha M. Juliano and Scott E. Lukas
Tobacco Use Insights 2012:5 1-9
Short Report | Published on 20 Feb 2012

Measuring Tobacco Specific Lung Carcinogen Among Nonsmoking Hospitality Workers in Richmond Virginia: A Preliminary Evaluation of Exposure Before the Smoking Ban
Linda Haddad, R.K. Elswick Jr and Sukaina Alzyoud
Tobacco Use Insights 2011:4 9-16
Original Research | Published on 18 May 2011

Secondhand Smoking in Jordan: Clearing the Air for One of the Highest Tobacco Prevalence Countries in the Middle East
Linda G. Haddad, Sukaina Al-Zyoud, Nesrin Abu Baker, Huda Gharaibeh, Omar El Shahawy, and Raed Alramadhani
Tobacco Use Insights 2011:4 1-7
Commentary | Published on 01 Mar 2011

A Survey of 24,000 Students Aged 13–15 Years in India: Global Youth Tobacco Survey 2006 and 2009
V. Gajalakshmi and C.V. Kanimozhi
Tobacco Use Insights 2010:3 23-31
Original Research | Published on 21 Sep 2010

The Effect of Cigarette Smoking on Bone Healing in Elderly Individuals with Colle’s Fracture
Sadeq A. Al-Mukhtar
Tobacco Use Insights 2010:3 17-22
Original Research | Published on 15 Aug 2010

Tobacco, Genetic Susceptibility and Lung Cancer
Ravindran Ankathil
Tobacco Use Insights 2010:3 1-15
Review | Published on 28 Jan 2010 | Highly accessed (previous month)

Are Smoking Habits Changing Among Spanish Health Professionals? Results from the SUN Cohort 1999–2008
M. Ruiz-Canela, M.A. Martínez-González, C. López-del Burgo, J. de Irala, J.J. Beunza and M. Bes-Rastrollo
Tobacco Use Insights 2009:2 17-24
Original Research | Published on 22 Dec 2009

Pictorial Health Warnings on Cigarette Packs: A Population Based Study Findings from India
Lalit J. Raute, Mangesh S. Pednekar and Prakash C. Gupta
Tobacco Use Insights 2009:2 11-16
Original Research | Published on 06 Oct 2009

Saliva Cotinine and Exhaled Carbon Monoxide in Real Life Waterpipe Smokers: A Post Hoc Analysis
Salameh Pascale, Aoun Bacha Zeina and Waked Mirna
Tobacco Use Insights 2009:2 1-10
Published on 23 Mar 2009

Introductory Editorial (Tobacco Use Insights)
Zubair Kabir
Tobacco Use Insights 2008:1 1
Published on 02 Sep 2008

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