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Evaluating Palliative Care - A Review of the Literature

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Palliative Care: Research and Treatment 2009:3 5-12

Published on 20 Mar 2009

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The purpose of this article was to investigate the outcome measures developed and used in palliative care. The paper involved a literature review of published research. Many of the reviewed papers concluded similarly that there was lack of good quality evidence on which to base conclusions. More high quality evidence is needed to compare the relative merits of the differences in models of palliative care services, so that we can learn from other appropriate systems of care at end of life. It follows that quality of life is the main outcome of palliative care, in which the patient instead of the disease represents the target of the clinical approach. Patients struggling with serious illness have other concerns, including managing pain and other symptoms, coordinating care among multiple providers and settings, ensuring that treatments reflect preferences and balance benefits and harms as well as clinical appropriateness, achieving empathic communication and care, fostering well-being, maintaining function and practically supporting family and caregivers through illness and bereavement.




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This is the second time I have submitted a paper to Palliative Care: Research and Treatment for possible publication.  In both instances, my experience with Libertas Academica was very good from submission to acceptance.  The peer reviewers' comments were insightful, very constructive, and extremely helpful.  The author interface was user-friendly.  The publishing process was fast and convenient. I highly recommend this journal.
Dr Liza Manalo (Palliative Care Unit, Cancer Center, The Medical City, Pasig City, Philippines)
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