Interview with Dr Suresh J. Antony

Posted Mon, Nov, 09,2015

This author interview is by Dr Suresh J. Antony, of Texas Tech University School of Medicine. Dr Antony's full paper, Efficacy of Single-stage Revision with Aggressive Debridement Using Intra-articular Antibiotics in the Treatment of Infected Joint Prosthesis, is available for download in Infectious Diseases: Research and Treatment.

Please summarise for readers the content of your article.

This article uses a novel method to approach, evaluate and treat prosthetic joint infections which minimizes the number of surgeries, side effects of antibiotics and has outcomes that appear to be equal to or slightly better than the methods used at present.

How did you come to be involved in your area of study?

I am an infectious disease specialist with an interest in joint infections.

What was previously known about the topic of your article?

There was one paper published several years ago but only in knee infections.

How has your work in this area advanced understanding of the topic?

This study hopefully will allow orthopedic surgeons to shorten the course of treatment by using a one stage approach, rather than two stage, use drugs that work directly into the affected joint and hopefully allow the patient to get back to a normal life sooner than before.

What do you regard as being the most important aspect of the results reported in the article?

The most important result is the one stage approach regardless of the type of infections and the ability of the drug to affect a 100% microbiological cure. This allows the patient to ambulate much faster and the side effects of the drug are reduced.

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