Interview with Dr D. Mahmood

Posted Wed, Oct, 07,2015

This author interview is by Dr. D. Mahmood, of Hamdard University. Dr Mahmood's full paper, The Effect of Subchronic Dosing of Ciproxifan and Clobenpropit on Dopamine and Histamine Levels in Rats, is available for download in Journal of Experimental Neuroscience.

Please summarize for readers the content of your article.
The present research article is an extension of my previous published report indicating efficacy with acute doses of Histamine H3 receptor antagonists (namely Ciproxifan and Clobenpropit in our research) in several experimental models of Schizophrenia. However, an increasing body of literatures report Dopamine and Histamine to be intricately linked in Schizophrenia pathophysiology. Therefore, we sought to unravel the modulatory effects of these H3 antagonists on Dopamine and Histamine levels in the brain of rodents. Further, we wanted to compare the efficacy of acute doses with subchronic (once daily for 7 day) doses, and we found that there was no difference in efficacy of Ciproxifan and Clobenpropit administered acutely or subchronically.

How did you come to be involved in your area of study?
My research during my Masters in Pharmacy (Pharmacology) involved diabetic neuropathy and was an interesting topic but as a preclinical pharmacologist I wanted to study and research on novel drugs for neuropsychiatry treatment as one of my close relatives suffered from psychosis and prescribed drugs caused several intolerable side effects.

What was previously known about the topic of your article?
I already have one of my research papers published involving evaluations of H3 receptor antagonists in Schizophrenia

How has your work in this area advanced understanding of the topic?
The current and previous publications of our research has been able to reinvigorate the research involving Imidazole base H3 compounds as they were obsolete as research tool in psychosis.

What do you regard as being the most important aspect of the results reported in the article?
The intricacy of Dopamine and Histamine in Schizophrenia need further studies as they continues to be inconclusive as the result of the present study could only show modulation of these neurotransmitter.

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