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Posted Thu, Jun, 18,2015

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Biomarker Insights

Synthetic Extracellular Microenvironment for Modulating Stem Cell Behaviors 

Cancer Informatics
Time-Frequency Analysis of Peptide Microarray Data: Application to Brain Cancer Immunosignatures 

Clinical Medicine Insights: Pediatrics
Comment on “Safety and Tolerance Evaluation of Milk Fat Globule Membrane-Enriched Infant Formulas: A Randomized Controlled Multicenter Non-Inferiority Trial in Healthy Term Infants” 

Clinical Medicine Insights: Psychiatry
A Serum Analysis Before and After Antidepressant Treatment in Major Depression: A Pilot Study 

Drug Target Insights
Medicinal Plants: A Potential Source of Compounds for Targeting Cell Division 

Evolutionary Bioinformatics
MITOSCISSOR: A Useful Tool for Auto-Assembly of Mitogenomic Datasets in the Evolutionary Analysis of Fishes 

Immunology and Immunogenetics Insights
Characterization of Plasmodium falciparum Proteome at Asexual Blood Stages for Screening of Effective Vaccine Candidates: An Immunoinformatics Approach 

Infectious Diseases: Research and Treatment
Antischistosomal Activity of Two Active Constituents Isolated from the Leaves of Egyptian Medicinal Plants 

Magnetic Resonance Insights
Accuracies and Contrasts of Models of the Diffusion-Weighted-Dependent Attenuation of the MRI Signal at Intermediate b-values               

Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment
Novelty Seeking as a Phenotypic Marker of Adolescent Substance Use 

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