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James Willey

Dr James Willey is Professor of Medicine and Pathology at the University of Toledo Medical Center, Toledo, OH. Dr Willey has participated in several national and international consortia comprising academic, governmental, and industrial groups aiming to improve quantification and standardization of transcript abundance measurement and next generation sequencing methods. His primary area of research is development of quantitative methods for transcript abundance measurement and quantitative analysis of the relationship between transcript abundance level, promoter DNA sequence, and functional status of proteins that interact with the promoter DNA sequence. His applied research involves applying this quantitative approach to understanding how a particular combination common inherited DNA variants in promoter regions and/or regulatory protein coding regions may increase risk for disease or alter individual response to therapeutics by decreasing optimal regulation of key genes responsible for the normal phenotype.

He is a Founder of Accugenomics, Inc., located in Wilmington, North Carolina, USA. Prior to joining the University of Toledo Medical Center and University of Toledo College of Medicine in 1994, Dr. Willey was Assistant Professor of Medicine and Environmental Medicine at the University of Rochester School of Medicine, Rochester, N.Y. He did his post-doctoral training at the National Cancer Institute with Curt Harris. He completed training in Pulmonary Medicine at University of Rochester Strong Memorial Hospital, and now focuses on diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer and COPD.

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The editor in chief is responsible for editorial decision-making on papers submitted to the journal.  The editor in chief is also responsible for editorial matters that include but are not limited to journal supplements, the journal's aims and scope, the editorial board and volunteer peer reviewer pool, editorial assessment of video abstracts, assignment to published papers of endorsements, and for consulting on pre-submission inquiries from authors.

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Since my first enquiry about publishing in Gene Regulation And Systems Biology until the last moment of completing all the steps for publishing my paper, I was always taken seriously as author.  All my questions and concerns were answered in a very professional way.  The review process was quick and very fair.  Reviewers stick to the facts and declare their points of view like a clear thread through the manuscript.  I always had an enthusiastic ...
Dr Jasmine Kharazmi (University of Zurich, Irchel, Zurich, Switzerland)
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