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Gene Regulation and Systems Biology

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Dietary Lipid During Late-Pregnancy and Early-Lactation to Manipulate Metabolic and Inflammatory Gene Network Expression in Dairy Cattle Liver with a Focus on PPARs

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Publication Date: 11 Jun 2013

Type: Original Research

Journal: Gene Regulation and Systems Biology

Citation: Gene Regulation and Systems Biology 2013:7 103-123

doi: 10.4137/GRSB.S12005


Polyunsaturated (PUFA) long-chain fatty acids (LCFAs) are more potent in eliciting molecular and tissue functional changes in monogastrics than saturated LCFA. From -21 through 10 days relative to parturition dairy cows were fed no supplemental LCFA (control), saturated LCFA (SFAT; mainly 16:0 and 18:0), or fish oil (FISH; high-PUFA). Twenty-seven genes were measured via quantitative RT-PCR in liver tissue on day -14 and day 10. Expression of nuclear receptor co-activators (CARM1, MED1), LCFA metabolism (ACSL1, SCD, ACOX1), and inflammation (IL6, TBK1, IKBKE) genes was lower with SFAT than control on day -14. Expression of SCD, however, was markedly lower with FISH than control or SFAT on both -14 and 10 days. FISH led to further decreases in expression on day 10 of LCFA metabolism (CD36, PLIN2, ACSL1, ACOX1), intracellular energy (UCP2, STK11, PRKAA1), de novo cholesterol synthesis (SREBF2), inflammation (IL6, TBK1, IKBKE), and nuclear receptor signaling genes (PPARD, MED1, NRIP1). No change in expression was observed for PPARA and RXRA. The increase of DGAT2, PLIN2, ACSL1, and ACOX1 on day 10 versus -14 in cows fed SFAT suggested upregulation of both beta-oxidation and lipid droplet (LD) formation. However, liver triacylglycerol concentration was similar among treatments. The hepatokine FGF21 and the gluconeogenic genes PC and PCK1 increased markedly on day 10 versus -14 only in controls. At the levels supplemented, the change in the profile of metabolic genes after parturition in cows fed saturated fat suggested a greater capacity for uptake of fatty acids and intracellular handling without excessive storage of LD.




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Dr Clark D Jeffries (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, USA)
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